Fletcher & Company was co-founded by Christy Fletcher in 2003, when she and a former business partner left positions as vice presidents at Carlisle & Co to set up their own company. In 2008, Christy Fletcher became sole owner of Fletcher & Co. and the agency expanded into management and production.

Today, Fletcher & Co. is a full-service literary management and production company dedicated to writers of upmarket non-fiction as well as commercial and literary fiction.

We work closely with writers and creators of intellectual property to identify their goals, identify markets for their work and strategize each area of exploitation. Where needed, we work closely with specialists to augment our own efforts–from the leading intellectual property law firms, outside publicist and marketing consultants, to film and television partners and licensing agents. We provide traditional literary agent services but with a broader business development eye. 

Each client relationship is unique and we structure our work around the needs and goals of a particular author. Some authors want more editorial input, others need more help strategizing how to market their work, and others want a hands on approach to film and television. Our management model allows us the flexibility to avoid a one size fits all approach. It also allows us to be pioneering, tapping into emerging markets and technology and using our unique position to the benefit of our roster of clients. 

Through Fletcher Media, Inc. we have a focused film/tv development slate for client and non-client based material.  We have put together and developed shows with most of the major networks and television studios and have worked with several major film studios and financiers. More information on this can be found on the Film/TV page.