Fletcher & Company works closely with writers and creators of intellectual property to help them connect with readers and audiences across all media.  By understanding what the long term goals of each client are, we can identify the markets for their work and develop a coherent strategy that moves them thoughtfully forward in each area of exploitation, ideally creating an ecosystem that allows each element to foster growth for the others. 

Where needed, we work closely with specialists to augment our own efforts–from the leading intellectual property law firms, outside publicists and marketing consultants, to film and television partners and licensing agents. We provide traditional literary agent services but with a broader business development eye. 

Our management model allows us the flexibility to avoid a one size fits all approach. It also allows us to be pioneering, tapping into emerging markets and technology and using our unique position to the benefit of our roster of clients. 

We formed Fletcher Media, Inc as an adjunct to our core business, allowing us to expand the services we provide into filmed media- from traditional studio based film and television to emerging platforms on Facebook, Youtube among others. Working closely with the creative and transactional sides of those businesses, we have been able to create exciting new opportunities for our clients and ways for them to expand their audience.