We strategize with our authors and provide guidance on a client-by-client basis to create, manage and implement the best possible digital options to achieve each author’s particular goals. By connecting our clients to an array of top-notch services and the ability to choose from a variety of paths—whether it’s a full-service solution, direct publishing with major retailers, or another configuration of digital partners—our authors have access to the most innovative ways to publish, promote and market their work digitally.

We are always watching for new trends and ways to tap into the digital marketplace to the best possible advantages for our clients. Cultivating up-to-date knowledge of an ever-evolving market, participating in the industry conversation by attending related conferences and events, and building profitable relationships in e-publishing are just a few of the ways we strive to offer our clients expert guidance and avenues to the most cutting-edge digital resources. The flexibility of our strategy empowers our clients to build their careers and grow their readership in ways that best suit their individual aspirations.