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Lauren Markham's THE FAR AWAY BROTHERS named one of the Times Critics’ Top Books of 2017!

Lauren Markham's THE FAR AWAY BROTHERS named one of the Times Critics’ Top Books of 2017!

Huge congratulations to Lauren Markham for landing a spot on the New York Times Critics' Top Books of 2017. "This was a year when books — like the rest of us — tried to keep up with the news, and did a pretty good job of it, " said the Times. THE FAR AWAY BROTHERS, a book that the NYT reviewed as being, "impeccably timed, intimately reported and beautifully expressed," does just that. You can read the rest of the list here. 

More praise for THE FAR AWAY BROTHERS:

"The Far Away Brothers is impeccably timed, intimately reported and beautifully expressed. Markham brings people and places to rumbling life; she has that rare ability to recreate elusive, subjective experiences—whether they’re scenes she never witnessed or her characters’ interior psychological states—without taking undue liberties. In many ways, her book is reminiscent of Adrian Nicole LeBlanc’s Random Family. It’s about teenagers who raise themselves."—Jennifer Senior, The New York Times

"You should read The Far Away Brothers. We all should." NPR

“This is the sort of news that is the opposite of fake…Markham is our knowing, compassionate ally, our guide in sorting out, up close, how our new national immigration policy is playing out from a human perspective...An important book.”The Minneapolis Star Tribune

"An indelible picture...of one imperfect family driven apart and astraynot by inequality or lax enforcement, but by the humanitarian crisis of gang warfare."Vulture

“Painstakingly reported…A compassionate look at the lives of two young men and the family they left behind when they were seventeen years old…[This] book could not have come at a more relevant time.” Mother Jones

"Markham recreates each step of the story in rich detail...Powerful." Pacific Standard

"Deserves a place alongside the strongest in the genre....By the book’s end, it’s impossible to not be rooting for [the Flores brothers]. The book’s true victory, however, is in its insights into how the gang crisis in El Salvador and neighboring countries is impacting individual lives—and what lengths these individuals will go to, in chillingly descriptive detail, to persevere." PopMatters

"Lauren Markham understands the complexities of immigration to the United States...Compelling." Sojourner

"Excellent...a clear-eyed look at what many [immigrants] actually experience." The Mercury News

"Markham functions as an empathetic intermediary amid ordinary and extraordinary struggles. She is implicated in the boys’ search for a livable life, but her closeness to the situation does not impede her analysis....The Far Away Brothers...tell[s] a story of courage and failure, tenacity and loss, loyalty and fumbling steps into an unknown future." The Christian Century

“Timely and thought-provoking…Markham provides a sensitive and eye-opening take on what’s at stake for young immigrants with nowhere else to go.”Publishers Weekly

“Powerful…Focusing primarily on one family's struggle to survive in violence-riddled El Salvador by sending some of its members illegally to the U.S.,...[this] compellingly intimate narrative…keenly examines the plights of juveniles sent to America without adult supervision….One of the most searing books on illegal immigration since Sonia Nazario's Enrique's Journey.” Kirkus [starred review]

You can get THE FAR AWAY BROTHERS here. 

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Happy New Year from FCO: What we are reading and some year end highlights

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