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Financial Times & McKinsey award BAD BLOOD the Business Book of the Year

Financial Times & McKinsey award BAD BLOOD the Business Book of the Year

John Carreyrou, whose book BAD BLOOD details the fall of the once idolized tech start-up Theranos, has been awarded the title of Business Book of 2018 by the Financial Times. The award, created in 2005, aims to recognize the “most compelling and enjoyable insight into modern business issues” each year.

The judges, who had nothing but praise to give for Carreyrou, noted that the excellence of this book not only lies in the provocative writing and meticulous scrutinization of Theranos itself, but in the way it probes at larger issues within Silicon Valley as a whole. The book’s impact can already be seen: it has sparked legal action and catalyzed liquid return back to Theranos investors.

BAD BLOOD is “a brilliant piece of […] journalism” and “reads at times like a thriller,” —Lionel Barber, chairman of the panel of judges and an editor for the Financial Times.


More praise for BAD BLOOD:

"You will not want to put this riveting, masterfully reported book down. No matter how bad you think the Theranos story was, you'll learn that the reality was actually far worse."
—Bethany McLean, bestselling coauthor of The Smartest Guys in the Room and All the Devils Are Here

"[A] chilling, third-person narrative of how Holmes came up with a fantastic idea that made her, for a while, the most successful woman entrepreneur in Silicon valley… Prizewinning Wall Street Journal reporter John Carreyrou tells [this story] virtually to perfection… [His] description of Holmes as a manic leader who turned coolly hostile when challenged is ripe material for a psychologist… His recounting of his efforts to track down sources—many of whom were being intimidated by Theranos’s bullying lawyer, David Boies—reads like a West Coast version of 'All the President's Men.'"
—Roger Lowenstein, The New York Times Book Review

"Carreyrou blends lucid descriptions of Theranos’s technology and its failures with a vivid portrait of its toxic culture and its supporters’ delusional boosterism. The result is a bracing cautionary tale about visionary entrepreneurship gone very wrong."
Publishers Weekly (Starred)

"Eye-opening... A vivid, cinematic portrayal of serpentine Silicon Valley corruption... A deep investigative report on the sensationalistic downfall of multibillion-dollar Silicon Valley biotech startup Theranos. Basing his findings on hundreds of interviews with people inside and outside the company, two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning Wall Street Journal reporter Carreyrou rigorously examines the seamy details behind the demise of Theranos and its creator, Elizabeth Holmes… [Carreyrou] brilliantly captures the interpersonal melodrama, hidden agendas, gross misrepresentations, nepotism, and a host of delusions and lies that further fractured the company’s reputation and halted its rise."

"A great and at times almost unbelievable story of scandalous fraud, surveillance, and legal intimidation at the highest levels of American corporate power. . . . The story of Theranos may be the biggest case of corporate fraud since Enron. But it’s also the story of how a lot of powerful men were fooled by a remarkably brazen liar."
ashar Ali, New York Magazine

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Cruising into the end of the year with WHAT WE WERE PROMISED and THE WINTER SOLDIER on WaPo’s Top 50 List

Cruising into the end of the year with WHAT WE WERE PROMISED and THE WINTER SOLDIER on WaPo’s Top 50 List